Help me ID this flower please

pol j.w.timmermans at
Thu Aug 30 11:19:07 EST 2001

Cereoid* wrote in message ...
>How tall is the plant? What kind of question is that?
>From the vague description, it could be any of thousands of possibilities.
>We need a more thorough description of the plant and its flowers.

And that was just what she was asking for!
So there was no need for this stupid flame.

>Asking how tall it is does not really help, does it?
>Better yet, Bad Juju Boy should post the picture of the plant in
>Maybe some day he will? Why all the secrecy? Is he afraid the picture might
>fall into the wrong hands and upset the balance of world power if he posts
>Penny Morgan <PMORGAN2 at> wrote in message
>news:5duh7.164313$TM5.29973762 at
>> How tall is the plant?  Are there multiple flowers on one plant?  How big
>> diameter are the actual flowers?  It sounds like Bee Balm or Monarda.  It
>> could also be an Heirloom Zinnia.  Another might be Cleome, but they are
>> usually pink or white (may be a ruby color too).  E-mail a picture if you
>> like and I'll take a look for you.
>> Penny
>> Zone 7 - North Carolina
>> Badjujuboy <badjujuboy at> wrote in message
>> news:20010819210605.26879.00000659 at
>> > I have a flower that I want to know the name of, but am not sure how to
>> upload.
>> > I will describe it, and if you want to see it, I will email you a pic
>> it.
>> >
>> > It is red in color, and looks like a firework going off. It has a
>> > center, but with little string like parts coming out like and
>> explosion.....any
>> > ideas?????
>> >
>> > please let me know, badjujuboy at

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