insect infestation on houseplants

camelid camelidnospam at
Sun Dec 2 22:30:12 EST 2001


I have two sad plants (arrowhead vine and california branching ivy) with
smallish beasties infesting them.  Both plants suffer from dead crunchy
parts and tiny brown spots on leaves.  I had a look at the little buggers
under a microscope and made a quick sketch that you can view at  There seems to be two types:
a pale translucent type and a dark brown type.  I'm thinking maybe the pale
guy is the juvenile, as he looks pretty much like the brown guy except for
he's less hairy and the head's a bit smaller.  The sketch is of the brown
hairy monster.

If anyone can help me identify these wee beasties and a natural method of
control (soapy water?) it would be much appreciated...


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