insect infestation on houseplants

Jane Dillonaire JDillonaire at
Mon Dec 3 07:17:02 EST 2001

The insects are probably aphids judging by the apparent cornicles in your
drawing.  You could try just spraying them off with a strong stream of water
and then following up with insecticidal soap spray for any strays that might
have survived the water spray.  As a last resort, I've had success treating
infested houseplants with moth balls - Paradichlorobenzene type (not
Napthalene).  I place several mothballs on the surface of the soil and close
the plant up in an airtight plastic trash bag for several days.  The fumes
will kill just about any insect without harming the plant.  Good luck!  -

"camelid" <camelidnospam at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I have two sad plants (arrowhead vine and california branching ivy) with
> smallish beasties infesting them.  Both plants suffer from dead crunchy
> parts and tiny brown spots on leaves.  I had a look at the little buggers
> under a microscope and made a quick sketch that you can view at
>  There seems to be two
> a pale translucent type and a dark brown type.  I'm thinking maybe the
> guy is the juvenile, as he looks pretty much like the brown guy except for
> he's less hairy and the head's a bit smaller.  The sketch is of the brown
> hairy monster.
> If anyone can help me identify these wee beasties and a natural method of
> control (soapy water?) it would be much appreciated...
> thanks...

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