small bugs in houseplant soil

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Tue Dec 4 23:41:37 EST 2001

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Nelson Branco <nbranco at> wrote:
>I had the same problem with my aloe vera, except that along with the small 
>white crawling 'worms'there were larger black bugs that jumped around the 
>plant. I was told that they were most likely fungus gnats. I sprayed 
>(with soap) and repotted the aloe and they're now gone but my aloe is in 
>worse shape than before. A handful of leaves developed brown spots which 
>spread rapidly, and after removing them, the remaining leaves are 
>developing small holes. One leaf just went soft at the bottom and keeled 
>over. Any help with what's going and how to save my plant would be 
>very greatly appreciated.

You are probably overwatering and the roots are rotting.  Most houseplant
soil insects won't grow in the kind of dryness an aloe needs.  I'd suggest
you wash all the soil off the roots and leave the plant out to air dry for
several days at least.  Then repot in a loose medium and be careful to let
it dry out well between waterings.

Maybe one of the real succulent experts around here can give better advice.

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