Botanical missing link identified, says report on plant genealogy

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For one thing, Master Wheeler, the plural of Cactus is NOT cactus. The
plural of Cactus is Cacti. Look it up before you decide to publish yet
another psuedo scientific paper on the Internet, as though you knew it all.
Now, i will resume reading the rest of what you have written. In that,
in my
lifetime, I have not yet been afforded a scientific backround in the Natural
Sciences as "detailed" as yours, I quite enjoy the reading of it, from your
head to mine, as it were.

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> More misleading hyperbole for the mass media?
> Charophytes as the link between green algae and land plant is not a new
> at all. All the DNA study did was confirm what was already known.
> Charophytes are more closely allied to mosses and liverworts than they are
> to green algae.
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> > From The Oregonian, Dec. 26, 2001, p B1
> >
> > Botanical missing link identified, says report on plant genealogy
> > Redwoods and roses, cactus and carnations all owe their existence to
> > a land plant that emerged from a pond about 470 million years ago, a
> > study indicates.
> > By studying gene sequences of common freshwater algae, researchers
> > have traced the family tree and identified a group of pioneering algae
> > that are the closest living relatives of the first land plants.
> > This mother of all land plants is a close cousin of the stonewort, a
> > type of algae that thrives in ponds and streams, scientists from the
> > University of maryland and the Academy of Natural Sciences in
> > Philadelphia said. They reported their findings in the Dec. 14 issue
> > of the journal Science.
> > The common ancestor of all land plants has been extinct for more than
> > 400 million years and hasn't been identified in the fossil record. The
> > scientists studied the DNA sequences of four genes from 40 different
> > plants and algae to trace the lineage.
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