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Karsten Niehaus Karsten.Niehaus at Genetik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Feb 1 07:35:02 EST 2001

Postdoctoral Position
University of Bilefeld, Germany

A postdoctoral position for up to three years is immediately available
in the laboratory of Dr Karsten Niehaus. The positon is part of an EU
project to study "Cross talk and integration of stress signaling in
plants" comprised of a consortium of eleven top plant biology labs in
Europe. Applicants must be below the age of 35 and be either members of
the EU or come from the following countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic,
Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Letvia, Norway,
Poland, Rumania, Slovenia, Slovakia, or Switzerland.) The work will
concentrate on a yeast 2hybrid and proteomic approach to identify
proteins interacting with small GTP-binding proteins (Schiene et al.
2000, Mol. Gen. Genet. 263: 761-770) in Medicago truncatula. The
candidate should have experience in molecular biology and biochemistry.
If interested please send or e-mail a curriculum vitae to
kniehaus at (K. Niehaus, University of Bielefeld,
Biology - Genetics, POB 100 131, 33501 Bielefeld, Germany)
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