PhD position for a German national

Hans Sluiman h.sluiman at
Thu Feb 1 08:33:15 EST 2001

VACANCY PhD position for a German national.  
Deadline for application: 10 Feb. 2001. 

A 4-year research project on biodiversity in old grasslands using
markers to quantify genetic variation in sampled populations of grass
and clover species 
and linking that to agronomic characteristics, to be carried out in Wageningen,
The Netherlands. Applicants should have a MSc degree in biology, and
will ideally have some experience in both ecology/agronomy and molecular
biology.  The project will involve a combination of field-work and
laboratory work. 

Enquiries should be directed to 
Anjo.Elgersma at or r.vantreuren at 

Starting date: spring/summer 2001.

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