Emergency Xmas cactus help....its 95 years old....really.

My PC f22robin at netscape.net
Fri Feb 2 01:49:11 EST 2001

I have a very old Xmas cactus that has thrived despite neglect.. I've
had it 25 years and got it from my grandmother who said it was over 40
years old when she got it from a great aunt back in 1950..anyway. It
was doing well, bloomed just after  Thanksgiving, then started looking
wilted........I thought it was dry and as usuall soaked it in the
shower ......that didn't help and on close inspection discovered the
main stem? trunk? whatever....is decayed..its a brown woody part that
is about 2 inches in diameter...there isn't enough left to support the
plant..what can I do..I can't let this plant die......help.

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