Oleander help

Monique Reed monique at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Mon Feb 5 10:42:18 EST 2001

If the weather is temporarily very cold in an area where Oleanders
usually thrive, they will often die back to the ground but come back
from the rootstock.  Cold and drought together can finish them off,
but since you watered them, I would give them a chance to recover and
send up new shoots this spring.

M. Reed

Clay wrote:
> I live in Austin, Texas and planted two Oleanders in my yard this summer.  I
> think I watered them plenty, but they look like they're now dead.  They are
> black/brown and a little wilted, but they still stand fairly upright.  I
> think the coldest it got this winter was 25 degrees.  Are they dead and I
> need to replant, or is this normal.  Thanks for your advice!

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