Help saving my jade

Louise louise at
Mon Feb 5 17:13:50 EST 2001

In article <95ms3q$jkfa$1 at>, 
CEREOID at says...
> Dear Edwin,
> My reply was to Tom in the format he used, not you.
> If you think anthropomorphizing is okay, then you are part of the problem.
> It does noting to solve his plant care problem. It only adds to it. Despite
> what some crackpot author has claimed, plants are NOT like people at all.
> Tom's plant was a cutting. A very young plant is a seedling. You really
> should try to learn the appropriate terminology if you want to be
> understood.
> BTW, do a spelling check before posting next time!
> "Edwin Hutton" <e.hutton at> wrote in message
> news:3A7EC8C9.8953C72B at
> > Cerieod,
> > You have committed the worst offence by posting in HTML. At least
> > most of Tom's posting was in plain text. Also I don't think that
> > calling a very young plant a baby is anthropomorphising it.
> >
> > Edwin Hutton
It's really helpful when the two of you argue and no one answers the 
question posed by the original post.

Without going into the age of the plant, I too would like to know the 
best way to cut back and re-root both stem cuttings and individual 

Can anyone make a suggestion?


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