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Tue Feb 6 00:03:31 EST 2001

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> Propagation of the so called "Jade Plant" (Crassula ovata) is very easy.
> You can cut the stems back with a sharp knife. It doesn't matter where you
> cut because the cut portion will disarticulate to the nodes all by
> themselves. The cut back stems will produce new foliage within a month.
> To propagate the removed cuttings, they should be allowed to dry in the air
> for a couple of days then placed in moist (not wet) coarse sand to root.
> They should have produced enough roots in a couple of months to be repotted
> in regular "cactus" soil.
> Detached leaves can be rooted in moist sand by inserting the leaf base just
> enough in the sand to cover it. They will root and produce new leaves at the
> base but will take a number of years to produce a full sized plant. A word
> of warning: variegates and chimeras do not come true from leaf cuttings.

Have you used Rootone?  A florist and a web site said it was helpful?


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