Help saving my jade

Cereoid CEREOID at
Tue Feb 6 00:23:33 EST 2001

At least you have learned not to do it again. No matter how much you whine,
you webtvers have got to be the bane of the Internet. You're worse than the
next guy. You're too cheap to get a real PC. Nobody is impressed by your
overcompensating by playing with color settings.

If you want to anthropomorphize you plants and think that is nurturing them
and coddling them will make them grow better, you are sadly mistaken. It
doesn't do a thing toward the proper care of the plant, you misguided sod.
Your mistreatment is probably why the plant is in such bad shape. If we
follow your distorted terminology, that makes you a "baby killer", dude.

Look again and you will see the proper advice on propagation was provided.
Are you too lazy to read over the postings before responding.

You never did answer the questions put to you. Were they too personal or too
difficult? More information is needed to find out exactly what other
mistreatment and abuse you are inflicting on your "babies".  Maybe we should
notify social services?

<PDXTom at> wrote in message
news:9618-3A7F6016-15 at
> Isn't it funny that someone would take the time out to post a snotty
> response to someone who is simply asking for help?  If the crime I
> commited was being unaware that my e-mail sig would be unreadable to
> some then I apologize-as far as not using the correct terminology, if I
> was more knowledgable about plants I probably wouldn't be coming here to
> ask for help in the first place which is what I was doing out of genuine
> concern for a plant I wish to nurture.
>  I doubt that it's any secret that there are some people who will curse
> you from the sanctity of their car or on the other end of the telephone
> where they can be safe. Believe me,it's a whole different story if they
> have to look someone in the eye. I should know-in my business a good
> part of my job entails  dealing with such individuals on a face to face
> basis and it's amazing how adjustable a high-minded attitude is.
>  Oh well-sometimes people don't think about how what they say(or
> type)comes across untill it's already out there. We all misspeak
> sometimes and I'm no better then the next guy.
>  If there is anyone who can offer any constructive input concerning my
> original post I would be genuinely grateful.
>  I will, however,still refer to my young plants as my "babies".

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