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Tue Feb 6 00:30:55 EST 2001

Rootone is not needed and it won't help. Rooting stems and leaves of the
"Jade Plant" is very easy with no extra help. Often they will start to form
roots even if you forget to stick them in the moist sand.

The florist recommended the Rootone so they could make a sale. Remember
that's why they are in business!!
The web site probably only parroted what they heard.

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> > Propagation of the so called "Jade Plant" (Crassula ovata) is very easy.
> >
> > You can cut the stems back with a sharp knife. It doesn't matter where
> > cut because the cut portion will disarticulate to the nodes all by
> > themselves. The cut back stems will produce new foliage within a month.
> >
> > To propagate the removed cuttings, they should be allowed to dry in the
> > for a couple of days then placed in moist (not wet) coarse sand to root.
> > They should have produced enough roots in a couple of months to be
> > in regular "cactus" soil.
> >
> > Detached leaves can be rooted in moist sand by inserting the leaf base
> > enough in the sand to cover it. They will root and produce new leaves at
> > base but will take a number of years to produce a full sized plant. A
> > of warning: variegates and chimeras do not come true from leaf cuttings.
> >
> >
> Thanks.
> Have you used Rootone?  A florist and a web site said it was helpful?
> Louise

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