Help saving my jade

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Tue Feb 6 04:14:51 EST 2001

Cereoid wrote:
> At least you have learned not to do it again. No matter how much you whine,
> you webtvers have got to be the bane of the Internet. You're worse than the
> next guy. You're too cheap to get a real PC. Nobody is impressed by your
> overcompensating by playing with color settings.

Come off it - he probably has got a 'real' PC, and he ahs apologised
for using a HTML sig.

> If you want to anthropomorphize you plants and think that is nurturing them
> and coddling them will make them grow better, you are sadly mistaken. It
> doesn't do a thing toward the proper care of the plant, you misguided sod.
> Your mistreatment is probably why the plant is in such bad shape. If we
> follow your distorted terminology, that makes you a "baby killer", dude.

Actually if you anthropormphize your plants a talk to them, or even
sing to them, it means you are being sensitive to their requirements.
Such sensitivity is the heart of 'green fingers'.

> Look again and you will see the proper advice on propagation was provided.
> Are you too lazy to read over the postings before responding.
> You never did answer the questions put to you. Were they too personal or too
> difficult? More information is needed to find out exactly what other
> mistreatment and abuse you are inflicting on your "babies".  Maybe we should
> notify social services?

Go ahead and see what *they* say...

Edwin Hutton

P.S I never could spell commmmmittttted.

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