Help saving my Tommy

Cereoid CEREOID at
Tue Feb 6 11:12:55 EST 2001

The moral support is nice, Edwin, but I do believe Tom already has a mother.
Tom is a big boy and, I may be wrong, he can probably speak for himself.
Maybe not very well but at least with some semblance of English.

You obviously don't know the true derivation of the term "green fingers". It
has nothing at all to do with growing plants well but rather with chopping
them up!!!

"Edwin Hutton" <e.hutton at> wrote in message
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> Cereoid wrote:
> >
> > At least you have learned not to do it again. No matter how much you
> > you webtvers have got to be the bane of the Internet. You're worse than
> > next guy. You're too cheap to get a real PC. Nobody is impressed by your
> > overcompensating by playing with color settings.
> Come off it - he probably has got a 'real' PC, and he ahs apologised
> for using a HTML sig.
> >
> > If you want to anthropomorphize you plants and think that is nurturing
> > and coddling them will make them grow better, you are sadly mistaken. It
> > doesn't do a thing toward the proper care of the plant, you misguided
> > Your mistreatment is probably why the plant is in such bad shape. If we
> > follow your distorted terminology, that makes you a "baby killer", dude.
> Actually if you anthropormphize your plants a talk to them, or even
> sing to them, it means you are being sensitive to their requirements.
> Such sensitivity is the heart of 'green fingers'.
> >
> > Look again and you will see the proper advice on propagation was
> > Are you too lazy to read over the postings before responding.
> >
> > You never did answer the questions put to you. Were they too personal or
> > difficult? More information is needed to find out exactly what other
> > mistreatment and abuse you are inflicting on your "babies".  Maybe we
> > notify social services?
> Go ahead and see what *they* say...
> Edwin Hutton
> P.S I never could spell commmmmittttted.

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