Green Fingers?

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Tue Feb 6 13:54:43 EST 2001

........or look in a book or even turn off the old PC and go to a library!!!
God forbid!!!!!!!!!

The original term is "green thumb" and it alludes to the chlorophyll stained
digit a gardener or florist gets from continually cutting plant stems. It
indicates a job of a horticultural laborer and does not really imply any
actual skill in growing plants even though many assume it does.

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> Cereoid wrote:
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> > The moral support is nice, Edwin, but I do believe Tom already has a
> > Tom is a big boy and, I may be wrong, he can probably speak for himself.
> > Maybe not very well but at least with some semblance of English.
> >
> > You obviously don't know the true derivation of the term "green
fingers". It
> > has nothing at all to do with growing plants well but rather with
> > them up!!!
> >
> >
> Interesting. Here in the UK when someone is described as having
> green fingers the implication is always that they are good at
> growing plants. However 'green fingers' does not appear in
> Webster's dictionary, nor in Roget's Thesaurus, which are the
> only online facilities I have available. (You have to pay to
> access the Oxford online dictionary :-( ).
> Edwin Hutton

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