Maize etc in pre-Columbian India

Hu McCulloch mcculloch.2 at
Thu Feb 8 11:09:24 EST 2001

My website on "Maize in pre-Columbian India", at ,
has been newly expanded to include a review of
Shakti M. Gupta's 1996 book _Plants in Indian Temple
Art_, which authoritatively confirms Carl Johannessen's identification
of maize in 12th and 13th century temple sculptures in India.
Gupta goes on to identify at least 5 other New World plants
in pre-Columbian Indian sculptures, including sunflower,
pineapple, and monstera (split-leaf philodendron).

Also added are my comments on Jean Andrews' article,
"Diffusion of Mesomaerican Food Complex to Southeastern
Europe", from _Geographical Review_, 1993.


-- Hu McCulloch

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