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Thu Feb 8 22:16:21 EST 2001

The mystery poster said it was a columnar (possibly etiolated) type not a
barrel type. It may not even be a cactus at all. It could be a Euphorbia or
something else. We just don't have enough information.

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> If it is a barrel type....grab a pair of tongs and a SHARP clean
> knife.   Cut it off, being sure to go into the healthy part.  Let the
> cut healfor a day or so.  Then place it in a cactus mix potting soil.
> Water as usual for a cactus.  This has worked for me but I am sure
> someone else will help also  :-)
> Also, you need to figure out why it rotted in the first place or you
> will have the same problem again.
> As far a blooming cacti never bloomed until I put them out
> in a mini- GLASS greenhouse in FULL SUN ALL SUMMER.  The glass house
> kept them from wind damage and too much rain.   In the winter, they go
> in the plastic/pvc greenhouse  where they get a chill....gets down to
> about 25 degrees or so.  I have 2 cacti blooming right now.  I can not
> tell you what kind they are other than a short, mounding, barrel
> looking cactus.
> Stephanie in coastal NC
> lnl80 at (LNL 80) wrote:
> >Please forgive me for my ignorance when it comes to this topic...
> >
> >I have a cactus that's over 20 years old.  I don't know the type of
cactus, but
> >it doesn't flower.  It's simply a long stem that keeps growing higher.
> >
> >Anyway, the bottom part is rotting and I'd like to cut it off and replant
> >cactus.  Can anyone give me advice/tips/instructions on how to cut and
> >
> >Thanks so much.
> >
> >
> >

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