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Sat Feb 10 18:39:58 EST 2001

Hi, could I please have a minute of your time. My name is Cindy Peterson and I work at McCaren Designs in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My role there is new business development in exterior and interior landscaping.  I would like to give you my testimonial on why I contributed personally to the ALCA Growth Initiative.  Investing in this Initiative is investing in my future in the landscape services industry.  There is not a doubt in my mind that I will see a return on my investment.

As ALCA President, I was on the ground floor when this Initiative fund raising began. I have already used the initial research findings as tools in my sales arsenal.  The Initiative's research and the soon to be developed Case Studies will show my prospects, such as building managers and corporate owners that interior landscaping will help them attract and retain tenants and attract and retain employees.  In these days of fierce competition, these decision makers need to do everything they can to remain profitable.

The Case Study I will be submitting for the Initiative to use is of the corporate owner who insisted to his architect his need for interior landscaping in his new headquarters. He said "my employees can go anywhere and find another job, so I need to take care of their environment and give them a great place to come to work everyday".  The architect, whom I had been courting for years, called me up and the rest is history.  The fact is that this Owner knew the value of plants, well it just brought a smile to my face.

As soon as the Initiative is fully funded, and the professional marketing company develops their program, these are my next steps:
1.	Because a specific target market such as facility managers, will receive the message of the value and professionalism of this industry, I will target those same individuals in the Twin Cities.
2.	And, I will target them with the marketing materials from the Initiative.
I believe these tools will open up many more doors for me in the Twin Cities.  My investment will come back to me with increased sales.

I feel strongly that one person can help make a difference in this industry's image and professionalism.  It's like throwing the smooth pebble into the water and having a ripple effect.  That's why I asked for a minute of your time.  I would love to have all our ripples together creating a huge wave of support for this initiative.  I urge you to take action today and make a pledge at:
If you need more information about the initiative before making your pledge go to:

Respectfully submitted for your consideration, 

Cynthia L. Peterson
McCaren Designs, Inc.


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