Help With Cactus

Cereoid CEREOID at
Sun Feb 11 21:13:16 EST 2001

You agree with the blockhead? Shame on you. He still hasn't even mastered
the English language?

You took someone's 20 year old plant and killed it. Shame on you. That does
not give you the right to be so self righteous. Ignorance and arrogance is
not a good combination.

We still don't know anything about the plant you are tormenting to death.
You never did provide an adequate description of the etiolated rotting
corpse of a plant. Its probably history by now anyway. Shame on you.

"LNL 80" <lnl80 at> wrote in message
news:20010211195229.19501.00000500 at
> >"Cereoid"  treats people like they are all mentally inferrior asses.
> >excuse him.
> Yeah, I gathered that and choose to ignore him.
> Thanks to the others here who've tried to help :)

"LNL 80" <lnl80 at> wrote in message
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> Please forgive me for my ignorance when it comes to this topic...
> I have a cactus that's over 20 years old.  I don't know the type of
cactus, but
> it doesn't flower.  It's simply a long stem that keeps growing higher.
> Anyway, the bottom part is rotting and I'd like to cut it off and replant
> cactus.  Can anyone give me advice/tips/instructions on how to cut and
> Thanks so much.

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