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Hi Jamis,

Try  These are
the tallest ones in the US - all on the west coast and similar.  Explore the
page for others with some kind of record.

1.  CA Coast redwood ** 893  307  97  Jedidiah Smith State Park, CA
2. Coast Douglas-fir  505  281  71  Olympic National Forest, WA
3. Giant sequoia 998  275 107  Sequoia National Park, CA
4. Noble fir ** 313  272 49 Mount St. Helen's National Monument
5. Grand fir 245  257  36  Redwood National Park

Numbers in order are girth, height, crown.

Another site I found says a Eucalyptus in Australia was in the ballpark at
114 meters in 1779.  Another site said Sitka Spruce was also in the same

Must get by Bucks for a meal soon.  Heard lots of good things about your

San Jose CA

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> I own a restaurant in Woodside, CA and I create a good deal of original
> artwork for the place (see I am contemplating the
> construction of  museum quality models of 6 or 7 of the tallest trees in
> the world. I would appreciate your thoughts on which ones would be the
> likely suspects.
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