Where can i find a clip or movie on man eating plants?

Cereoid CEREOID at prodigy.net
Tue Jan 2 22:33:09 EST 2001

Maybe you can find it in some bad science fiction movie?
"Little Shop of Horrors" perhaps?

There are no man eating plants.

How about a video showing a man and his family eating a salad?

If you are looking for educational films on insect catching carnivorous
plants, thats another story.

""Cue"" <cue at pchome.com.tw> wrote in message
news:000801c07488$8128e890$45eea8c0 at superfly...
Hello..i need a clip  to show how flytrap or meat eating plants catch their
pray and digeset their victims...

where can i find them or does anyone has it??

Please help me..

thanks so so so so much

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