Growing a Jade Plant

Psycho Cactus 1bp5garden at
Sun Jan 7 15:34:00 EST 2001

Hi Nancy,

Make sure the leaf calluses before potting. 
I have Jade plant too, grew from stem cutting. Grows faster.

Bruno, Canadian in the USA 

P.S. I'm not a pro, just psycho.
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Jim Jar wrote:
> Dear Nancy
>     Your friend is correct in telling you to place it on top of the soil.
> You must keep the soil moist and it should root and start growing small
> leaves in about 4-6 weeks.  It needs indirect light until it starts than
> full sun.  Good luck.  JIM
> ""Nancy Dufour"" <ndufour at> wrote in message
> news:00a701c07688$db383e60$0e64e440 at
> I am trying to grow a jade plant and am doing so with a leaf from a plant of
> a friend of mine. She told me to simply place it on top of the soil and
> roots will grow out of it and become a tree. Is this correct? Should the
> soil stay dry while I am trying to grow it or should I keep it moist? How
> much light does it need while it is growing? How long does it usually take?
> Any information would be greatly appreciated!
> Nancy in Canada.

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