hot oil blooming roses

Husky keepout at
Tue Jan 9 19:17:36 EST 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001 09:34:23 +0200, "Gary Armstrong"
<grarmstr at> wrote:

>Roses need new stem growth to flower on.  As you know roses need pruning
>after winter, to ensure flowers.  The hot oil actually gave your forgotten
>rose bush a good trim.
>4 new budds to develop one have to cut away the top growth. All the
>nutrients and water cannot travel through damaged cells,so it was
>concentrated lower down, and with the help of certain hormones and nutrients
>new stems formed and you got your roses

That could explain why fires are good for forests also.

I would have figured if anything the boiling oil would have killed
anything it came in contact with.

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