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Dear Gary Armstrong,

You ego is showing.

You've got to know your limitations.

Any answer is not as good as the correct one.

Copying info from a garden book is not the same as knowing your subject.

I bet you wouldn't know Plectranthus madagascarensis if you saw it (and
you've probably seen it). Its variegated cultivar is a popular hanging
basket plant and is usually misidentified as Plectranthus coleoides in the
trade. It looks nothing like the "Vicks Plant" species.

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> take that plant and shove it

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> You would suppose wrong. There are several camphor scented leaf succulent
> Plectranthus species. The most widely grown are P.spicatus and
> P.cylindraceus. Plectranthus madagascarensis isn't one of them.
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> > Plectranthus, Genus of 350 species. I suppose ur looking for P.
> > madagascariensis (Mintleaf)
> > Creeping, semi-succulent perennial with square brown stems, rounded firm
> > leaves, 3-4 cm long, sometimes wrinkled, coated with white bristles, the
> > leaf has a minty smell when crushed. u also get 'Variegatus'.
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