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You ask complex questions about topics that require several years of
schooling to explain and understand. You touch on nomenclature, plant
taxonomy, cladistics and DNA studies. They are not subjects that can be
covered in this forum. That is unless somebody else would like to try.

Never said that the phylogeny of plants does not follow a "family tree". Its
just the important characters used in plant classification are different
from those used to classify animals.

Of course, DNA studies have been used in plant taxonomy. Its the
interpretation of the results that have been problematic in many cases. Who
knows what DNA studies will eventually reveal? They are still on-going. It
is hoped that DNA studies will confirm classification based on morphology
but that is not always the case.

I am not aware of any current DNA studies in the genus Euphorbia.

Don't know which specific name changes to which you allude.

Many plant in the horticultural trade have long been misidentified. One real
concern is that the plants used in DNA studies are correctly identified.

Not all plant groups have been thoroughly studied. Nomenclatural changes
often occur when a genus is reviewed and revised and the variation in the
species are better understood.

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> >Whenever one tries to compare the classification of plants with that of
> >animals, they will always get themselves into trouble. They are
> >completely different systems that follow completely different rules.
> Ahh, well.....that in itself explains alot of my difficulties. But if it
> doesn't follow a diverging "tree" as in the animal kingdom, what does it
> follow?
> >Plant classification is based primarily on the structure of flowers and
> >flower parts but differences in vegetative parts often play a role in
> >distinguishing closely allied species.
> >
> So are they truly related gentically or only structurally? (I realize that
> this is not necessarily mutually exclusive). Does anyone do plant genetic
> studies purely for the purposes of taxonomy? If so has it had much effect
> on the nomenclature? Something else I have noticed is that plant names
> to be changed this due to new information or reviewing old
> information with new techniques (such as genetic analysis)
> Thanks again

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