Stephanie stephani at
Sat Jan 13 22:40:46 EST 2001

Do you know they type of philodendron it is?
As far as growth....most plants are in a semi-dormant state this time
of year...even indoor plants.

When I cut back my philodendrons..such as my giant split-leaf..I
generally cut just above where I want the new growth to start.  Part
of the remaining stem will die back, then new growth starts.

Hope this helped some.

"Hi All" <TechTeachr2000 at> wrote:

>I have some philodendrons, and I would like to know where to cut the
>branches so that it will grow in fuller.  One of the branches broke over a
>month ago, and hasn't grown.  Should I be worried about it?  Is there
>anything I should be doing to help it grow again?

>Thank you for any help you can give me.

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