Grow lights????

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Sat Jan 13 22:55:57 EST 2001


General rule seems to be that one cool bulb and one regular bulb equal
full spectrum for plants.

I have many plants under lights...african violets, bonsai privet,
terreriums, cacti, aloe, to name a few.  I use the florescent tube
lights with shop light fixtures.  (just make sure the lamp and the
bulbs are compatable.)   I am sure someone out there will
reccommend different lights for blooming and non-blooming plants.

I run the lights 12-16 hrs a day.  I could not tell you how much it
costs to run electric bill is average so I can't imagine
that it would cost that much.

My advise is to not make yourself crazy over it.  Buy some lights,
and turn them on.  :-}

"Toby" <Joe at> wrote:

>I have two main questions with some minor other ones.'
>Cost to opperate grow lights?? I want to supplement some of my house plants
>light and starting Bonsai with grow lights. How do you figure the cost of
>running grow lights? Can some one point me to some good articles or FAQs on
>grow lights.

>Do they need to be grow lights or will regular bulbs or florecent lights
>work well enough? How do I determine how much watts or lux I should have?


>D. Buck
>DarthBuck at

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