Need help identifying (3 pics included)

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Sun Jan 21 14:12:37 EST 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001 17:27:58 GMT, "Joshua" <jshand at> wrote:

>During a recent stroll along the beach, I spotted a plant that I had never
>seen before. Using my digital camera, I snapped 3 pictures of the plant,
>which are all attached to this post (avg. 25KB each).
>If anyone knows the common name or scientific name of this plant, would you
>please let me know? Thank you for all your help.
Please do not post binaries to non-binary newsgroups.

Not everyone has a fast internet connection, or the abilitiy to screen
messages without downloading them. To these people, such posts are a
royal pain in the @$$!

This newsgroup is part of a group of newsgroups used by universities
and other organizations which limit the newsgroups they carry due to
limited disk resources. To keep the widest variety of groups with the
minimal amount of disk space requires that no binaries are posted to
these groups. A posting such as yours is the equivalent of hundreds of
normal sized non-binary posts.

If you wish to have people view your pictures, either post them to a
binary newsgroup [ or the such] or place
them at a web site somewhere and reference that site in your post to
the appropriate non-binary site. There are web sites out there which
specialize in this specific service, although I have never used such a
service and can not give you a name of one offhand. But they do exist,
and you should be able to locate one with minimal searching through
altavista or the such.

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