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Jeremy Harbinson "Jeremy Harbinson" at
Mon Jan 22 08:58:18 EST 2001

Probably an infestation of sciarid flies aka fungus flies; you can get rid of
them using an insecticidal drench, but their prescence normally indicates other
problems, typically that the plant is being over-watered. So, check the soil,
and if it is wet (rather than just moist0 cut back on the watering. It may also
be a good idea to lift the plant out of its pot to check the root and soil
condition; if you find any soggy, saturated soil or dead roots you should remove
them and replace the soil. Doing this is not normally a good idea with old,
established palms as they do not, in general, like disturbance, though I don't
how about Caryota specifically, but it is worth checking for poor soil condition
and root death as this they are both problems for the plant.
all the best,
Jeremy Harbinson

Magnani wrote:

> I have a large indoor Fishtail Palm, that has an infestation of flying gnats
> in the soil.  Is there a safe way to rid my plant/house of these pests?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bruce

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