Asparagus Fern CPR

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Mon Jan 22 14:11:37 EST 2001

g'day matt,

that plant will like a very well lit situation as they will grow in
full sun in the sub/tropics, they like a warm position and like a good
watering, they will handle it dry but will not thrive.

also if they get very root bound they will sart to look tatty, they get
root bound very quickly in pots and hangers.

without seeing the plant that is about as good as i can suggest.


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  techteacher at wrote:
> I have a beautiful Asparagus Fern that has tremendous sentimental
> formerly belonged to a friend who passed
> It was thriving in California, but I moved to NC in September.
During the
> warm months it was fine, but I've moved it inside due to the colder
> turning it brown in many places.  Any tips on how to bring it back
> would be appreciated.  I don't like to lose plants, but especially
> this one. :-)
> You can email to the above address (sans "NOSPAM")
> Thank you!
> -Matt

happy gardening 'it works for me it could work for you'
"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do!!"
but consider others and the environment.

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