Asparagus Fern CPR

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Jan 22 15:27:31 EST 2001

They also prefer high humidity.  If you don't see pests on the plant,
go ahead and group it with others you may have, or set it on a tray of
pebbles-and-water.  (Just make sure the pot isn't sitting in the
water.)  If your local tap water is hard or salty, prevent salt
build-up by using distilled or deionized water.

M. Reed

gardenlen wrote:
> g'day matt,
> that plant will like a very well lit situation as they will grow in
> full sun in the sub/tropics, they like a warm position and like a good
> watering, they will handle it dry but will not thrive.
> also if they get very root bound they will sart to look tatty, they get
> root bound very quickly in pots and hangers.
> without seeing the plant that is about as good as i can suggest.
> len
> In article <JnIa6.5667$cN.313012 at>,
>   techteacher at wrote:
> > I have a beautiful Asparagus Fern that has tremendous sentimental
> > formerly belonged to a friend who passed
> away.
> > It was thriving in California, but I moved to NC in September.
> During the
> >
> > warm months it was fine, but I've moved it inside due to the colder
> days
> > turning it brown in many places.  Any tips on how to bring it back
> indoors
> >
> > would be appreciated.  I don't like to lose plants, but especially
> not
> > this one. :-)
> >
> > You can email to the above address (sans "NOSPAM")
> >
> > Thank you!
> >
> > -Matt
> >
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