Plants turning brown!

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Mon Jan 22 19:19:11 EST 2001

Dear Marcus,
                     Try collecting rainwater to water them with, do not use
tapwater.To begin with try to pour a lot of rainwater through the soil to
clear it of tapwater deposits, then only use rainwater or water from a
freshwater supply such as a stream or river which is not polluted. If in
doubt, try drying some of the water on clean glass to see if it leaves a
 Regards From Tony Bassett   no1 at

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"Marcus Jones" <marcus.jones at> wrote in message
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> A question and plea for help.
> Several of the houseplants in our apartment are beginning to wither and
> turn brown at the leaves' edge, despite our best efforts.  What could be
> the cause of this, and how might we avert it?
>         Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>             Marcus Jones

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