Plants producing Oxygen at Night

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Dear No I Electronics,

Look into CAM and C4 metabolic pathways, then answer the question.

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> Dear Riki,
>                I would be most surprised if any plants produced oxygen at
> night unless you shine a light on them. Most plants cannot store enough
> oxygen to continue giving it out at night without replenishment from a
> source; I would be most interested to know of any exceptions. Most plants
> give out carbon dioxide at night and take in oxygen, so if you have a lot
> plants or a big one, best have ventilation, or at least a small low-power
> light shining on them,   regards, tony bassett,
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> > Hi all
> > Can anyone answer my dilemma regarding plants as I was led to believe
> > certain types of plant were more suitable for the bedroom than others
> > because they produced or released Oxygen at night. Is this true - can
> plants
> > produce oxygen at night or can they store oxygen they have produced
> > the day to release at night ???
> >
> > If they do please give plant examples.
> > Many Thanks
> >
> > Rik.
> >
> >

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