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Gene Newcomb newcombg at ava.bcc.orst.edu
Thu Jan 25 11:18:30 EST 2001


Without seeing them, I would guess that you are looking at young flowering stalks.
Eventually they will produce flowers and, if you're lucky, seeds. Those you could

If your Aloe is one of those that produces lateral suckers, they can be separated
from the parent plant and used to increase your planting.

Gene Newcomb

Ammodawg01 wrote:

> Maybe someone can help me out. I am anything but a gardener. I have seven Aloe
> plants in my front landscaping. I am wondering if the sprouts coming out of the
> top are seeds? They recently shot out of the plant. It looks like a straight
> shaft about a foot higher than the top of the plant and it has little bulb-like
> leaves on it. My question is can I pluck these leaves off and start them as a
> new plant? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Jon Worthington     Email = smokedturkey at hotmail.com

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