Plants turning brown!

Mick Block mickblock at
Fri Jan 26 22:02:07 EST 2001

> "Marcus Jones" <marcus.jones at> wrote
> > A question and plea for help.
> >
> > Several of the houseplants in our apartment are beginning to wither and
> > turn brown at the leaves' edge, despite our best efforts.  What could be
> > the cause of this, and how might we avert it?
> >
> >         Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> >
> >             Marcus Jones
> >
> >
There may not be enough humidity in your apartment.
Try using a small humidifier.
or fill the plants tray halfway with  gravel and water. Just not enough
water to seep back into the bottom of the pot.
The evaporation of this water will creat a small area of slight humidity
around the plant.

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