Need help identifying (3 pics included)

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Sat Jan 27 04:05:21 EST 2001

Why make irresponsible wild guesses like that? That helps no-one.

The leaves look nothing like Sedum morganianum. That plant has alternate,
glaucous blue-green rounded and sickle-shaped leaves on creeping to hanging
stems. The leaves of the seaside plant are opposite, dull green, obovate and
flattened on erect stems. There are no other species of Sedum that occur in
that region of Florida.

It is very unlikely it is Sesuvium portulacastrum either.

Like was originally said, it is best to wait until next summer when the
plant is in bloom before trying to identify the mystery plant. It would be
best to look into possible leaf succulents known to occur in coastal

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> The leaves look like a "burro tail" or "donkey tail" plant's.
> (Sedum morganianum) But, I know they are not.
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> > During a recent stroll along the beach, I spotted a plant that I had
> > seen before. Using my digital camera, I snapped 3 pictures of the plant,
> > which are all attached to this post (avg. 25KB each).
> >
> > If anyone knows the common name or scientific name of this plant, would
> you
> > please let me know? Thank you for all your help.
> >
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