Indoor Areca Palm Problem

d_m prancing_shiva at
Tue Jul 3 08:30:44 EST 2001

I bought one from Ikea (of all places!) about 2 months ago. It was beautiful
and green and lush in the shop, but as soon as I had it, LOTS of fronds
started to go brown and die.  It was in a NW facing room, being watered
every 3 days.

The problem was cured when I replanted it in a HUGE pot that holds a lot
more earth, and therefore moisture.  It is restored beautifully, and didn't
lose a single leaf since I did that.

Ikea watered everyday....and it was certainly necessary with the little
amount of soil that was in the pot it came in.  Once every 3 days is perfect
for mine now that it's in it's nice big pot.

Good luck :)

PS: Too much fertilizer can also be the cause of browning leaves, as the
Areca will force certain fronds to absorb the excess fertilizer in the soil
and therefore die off.  Remove anything dead, to create maximum sunlight for
everything living :)

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