I know this may sound cruel...

Jeremy Harbinson "Jeremy Harbinson" at users.tbpt.wau.nl
Thu Jul 5 09:36:18 EST 2001

Round-up is translocated within the plant,  so you expect to work pretty well.
What you should probably do is bruise the leaves of the fig (do you know the
species?) before you apply the herbicide so that it can enter the leaves more
easily. Applying it to the cut stump may fail because you will be applying it to
the xylem (the water-conducting tissues of the plant), and this may be
non-functional in any case, and not to the phloem (the tissue that transports
sugars etc away from leaves to roots etc). The thing you have to be careful
about is not to kill your neighbour's part of the fig. The best way to avoid
this is to dig a narrow trench along the side of your garden to sever the links
between the figs in your garden and the figs in your neighbour's. Round-up is
rapidly inactivated one it hits the soil, so transfer through the soil is
well-nigh impossible.
all the best,
Jeremy Harbinson

Eskeem0 wrote:

> Round UP
> "Eskeem0" <klee15 at bigpond.net.au> wrote in message
> news:aaQ%6.175091$ff.1360342 at news-server.bigpond.net.au...
> > heLP!!
> >
> > My neighbour is growing these figs.... and it's uprooting my whole
> > backyard!! AWful!!
> > Does anyone know how could I kill the fig or poison it somehow, I've tried
> > some poison, but my lawn seems to be dying faster than the fig. I drilled
> a
> > hole in the root of the fig and poured concentrated poison in it?
> >  I know this may sound bad to the greenies... I love plants too, but this
> is
> > a problem... it's gonna erode my bricks soon too!...
> >
> >

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