how often should I water an aloe plant?

Dennis R. Moore dmoore at
Mon Jul 9 07:52:38 EST 2001

On Sun, 8 Jul 2001 11:03:58 -0700, "Erin Franklin"
<e_franklin at> wrote:

>I have a very small aloe plant. It is in a clay, 3.5" pot. Someone told me
>they only water their aloe plant once a month. Does this hold true to anyone
It is inadvisable to water on a time schedule. The conditions in which
your plant is growing may be different from those in which your
advisor's plant is growing and these conditions may change with the
seasons. I water my A. vera when the leaves start to go flat. during
the Winter that may be once a month or it may be once a week during
the summer.

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