How much water/sun for Sempervivum?

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Mon Jul 9 18:21:42 EST 2001

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Erin Franklin <e_franklin at> wrote:
>Hi, I am looking for information on the sempervivum  (the latin name for
>ever lasting)  plant. It sorta looks like a pine cone and it is red and
>green. The main info I need is how much sun it needs and how often it should
>be watered. Thanks.

Here in Toronto, they like full sun and no water but rain.  However,
full sun and just rain have completely different meanings in places
like southern California and coastal British Columbia.

In nature, these plants are alpines, so they expect well drained soil.
However, they are very tough and do ok here on clay and in mostly neglected
pots.  I've also successfully rooted shriveled bits that have been lying
around the patio all summer or even all winter.

Some of the species that were in Sempervivum are now in Jovibarbum(?), but
I don't recall how to tell the difference.  A lot of the plants in 
horticulture are hybrids.

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