Unknown plant...

Moll McCarty mollymc at wi.rr.com
Fri Jul 27 08:14:34 EST 2001

It's an oxalis of some sort. Shade to part shade does the trick, no direct
sun. Water when feels dry. Nutrients...I give most all of mine, these too, a
little miracle grow each watering. This time of year, none of mine look too
great either. Heat. There's always some new ones comin' up, and old ones
whithering, browning. Pinch out the old stems at base. It will shoot up some
very pretty purple flowers. The green leafed varient is known as a Shamrock.
Very responsive to light. At night, on rainy days, leaves will close up on
themselves. It's delightlfull.

"David Machin" <david.machin at synectics-solutions.com> wrote in message
news:3b601319 at news.xtml.co.uk...
> Hi there, I have been given this plant, but the person who gave it to me
> didn't know it's name.  I also need to know what conditions it needs (sun,
> shade etc) as they don't seem to be doing very well.  If anyone can help,
> then that would be great.
> Thanks,
> Dave.

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