Euphorbia trigona leaf drop: prognosis for "reciduation"?

itloZ* itloz at
Tue Jul 31 06:45:22 EST 2001

Hello, plant experts and enthusiasts:

I was hoping somebody might be able to provide me with information I have
not been able to find.

I recently brought home a beautiful E. trigona (I believe the cultivar's
name is "Rubra"? Anyway, portions of it are purplish-red with red leaves.)
Actually, it's an attractive, large grouping of ten. After much time and
effort, I managed to repot them. This was no mean feat, since the plants are
of course tall, prickly, and apt to fall over while being "arranged". (I
ended up using several large bamboo skewers to help provide temporary
support as I was repotting.)

The root system of each plant seemed healthy, although not very extensive. I
had read it would be best not to water it for a week after repotting in
order to allow its root structure to recover. This seems strange to me --
indeed, I'm starting to think delaying water was a big mistake, because a
few days later many of the plants' leaves dried right up and fell off
crispily to a light touch.

I am most interested to find out whether the plant is likely to regrow the
dropped leaves.
I'm also wondering if water stress may have been the probable cause of leaf
drop in this case, if it might have been shock from being somewhat ineptly
repotted and/or not acclimated properly to its new location, or if there is
some other possibility.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.

Brandon Burt

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