Ferns - indoor

Monique Reed monique at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Thu Jun 14 12:27:26 EST 2001

Jeremy is correct.  Ferns don't have the same anatomy that some
gymnosperms and flowering plants do that allows reproduction from
cuttings. Just plonking a frond in soil won't do. If you can't make
divisions and you don't have rhizomes or stolons that will put out new
plants, you can always go the spore route.  Many ferns are quite easy
to grow from spores, requiring mostly patience.

M. Reed

Jeremy Harbinson wrote:
> Depends on the fern. Most indoor ferns do not produce 'branches' or side
> shoots that could be used as a cutting,  though several will form a clump
> with multiple crowns, or have branched underground or creeping rhizomes,
> that can be divided. A frond on its own will not be any use unless it one
> of the small number of ferns that can produce plantlets from its fronds.
> So, first you really need to identify the fern, and if it can be divided
> you have to figure it dare to try.
> all the best,
> Jeremy Harbinson
> Vic wrote:
> > My mother has a beautiful indoor fern, which she has had for some
> > years. I have taken cuttings on several occasions, but they never seem
> > to take.
> > Any advice please?

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