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Fri Mar 2 08:13:31 EST 2001

Dear Steve,

In a personal message (attack?) to me, the person had the gall to insist
they had the plant for 20 years rather than admit they were killing a plant
they got as a gift, probably from a relative (their mother, perhaps?). Who
were they kidding? If the had it 20 years ago, it would have died then from
their mistreatment. When I mentioned that the plant was rotting from the
inside out and beyond hope, they dropped the subject. Now they have to
answer to a "higher authority"!!

"Steve Hinkson" <sphinkson at> wrote in message
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> >
> >
> > We still don't know anything about the plant you are tormenting to
> > You never did provide an adequate description of the etiolated rotting
> > corpse of a plant. Its probably history by now anyway. Shame on you.
> Well, Steve, you're still rude as ever, but funny as hell too!
> *still giggling*
> Steve
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> "You can easily judge the character of a person by how he treats those who
> do nothing for him
> or to him." Malcolm Forbes
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