Microwaving seeds to induce genetic mutation

Night23 night23 at nightynight.com
Tue May 29 21:06:05 EST 2001

       is there ANY way at all I can cause a random mutation in the
genetic makeup of a seed using equipment/chemicals at home?  I don't
want to go the natural selection route selecting for this and that trait
waiting for something interesting to show up.  It just takes too many
generations.  I want to mutate a bunch of seeds right off the bat, plant
them, see what germinates and if its interesting perpetuate that line. 

Of course I know most will either not germinate or be 'sickly' but out
of a couple of hundred seeds and a few tries, I'm willing to bet there
will be some interesting mutation in there.

Someone mentioned caffein could temporarily unwind DNA.  If so, will I
be able to mutate a bunch of seeds if I soak them in warm black
caffeniated coffee for 24 hrs?  

Please let me know.



Jeremy Harbinson wrote:
> If the seed is hydrated, you will cook it. Microwave radiation is
> non-ionizing and thus not considered mutagenic; it lacks the energy per
> quantum to beak chemical bonds, it will not be directly mutagenic.
> all the best,
> Jeremy Harbinson
> Night23 wrote:
> > Is it possible to microwave seeds and produce a genetic mutation?  I
> > know radiation and chemical matagens are usually used but how about
> > microwaves (i.e. putting seeds in the microwave oven and turning it on
> > high for 5 to 10 seconds).  Would that be equivalent to a zap of low
> > level radiation or would I just be killing the seed?

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