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> > I belong to a mailing list that offers an individual message option, or
> > weekly summary.
> > I moved to the weekly summary because the individual option gave me too
> many
> > messages, sometimes dozens a day, all interspersed on different
> > conversations. Trouble is, the weekly summary gives one huge message,
> > threaded, with many and various discussions intertwined and impossible
> > follow.I shall probably opt out.
> It is very easy to set up a filter in your mail system to direct all mails
> from a particular source/list to a dedicated file. Set your system to
> your mails, open once a week and hey presto: a sorted, threaded, weekly
> summary! You can even kill file topics or posters you have no interest in
> dislike! I have been on various diverse mailing lists it works like a
> pk
pk, I didnt know you could thread replies in email. How do you do that? Is
that 'group message by conversation' (OE)? I always thought that was just
for learn something every day :-)


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