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> Cereoid* wrote:
> >
> > If the proposed newsgroup attracts persons who's only purpose is to
> > pontificate and are not genuine Cactophiles nor have any interest in
> > succulent plants, I am against it.
> >
> Where did you get that ? Where have you been. I've been contributing for
over a
> year in rec.gardens.cacti helping people.

I have never seen the names Bruno, Psycho Cactus or your e-mail address
brunoplamondon at in any of the cactus and succulent plant forums or
groups. You are but a neophyte.

Didn't you say that there is no rec.gardens.cacti or any other succulent
plant related newsgroup? Isn't that the point of this whole debate?

If you wanted to know which forums and groups already existed, you should
have asked or looked in the Cactus Mall. You are aware of the Cactus Mall?

> > The reason I prefer cross posting the topic is because Bruno (Psycho
> > cross posted his original proposal and I find it to be in bad taste that
> > insists on continuing the discussion in relative secrecy in a forum that
> > does not include those who actually grow the plants. If this proposed
> > newsgroup is supposed to be for plant enthusiasts, they particularly
> > be allowed to be an active part of the discussion or at least be made
> > of it. If not, then its nothing more than an ego trip for Bruno (Psycho
> > Cactus) and not in the best interest of plant enthusiasts after all.
> > (Psycho Cactus) admitted in his original proposal that there are already
> > many forums and groups on the topic. Another one is not needed and would
> > serve no useful purpose. It will not attract those who are active
members of
> > Cacti_etc.
> I crossposted because it is the way a newsgroup creation proposal is sent.
> was clearly stated that the discussion was happening in news.groups.
> I never admitted in the original proposal that there was already too many
> forums and groups on the topic. Prove that.

In your original proposal, you said: "There are about 50 Yahoo groups
related to Cacti and Succulents." That's more than enough and thats just
Yahoo groups! In reality, there are probably twice that many forums and
groups devoted to succulent plants if one includes those of which you are
not aware. All of them sprang up after Cacti_etc but Cacti_etc is still
remains the main source of information.

> >
> > As I have said many times there is already a well established forum for
> > discussion of Cactus & succulents named Cacti_etc. There is no point in
> > creating a newsgroup that is not needed. If the reason Bruno (Psycho
> > wanted to create a newsgroup was because he was unaware it existed, he
> > longer has that excuse. Bruno (Psycho Cactus) is not an active
> > in the other existing succulent plant forums and groups either. The same
> > especially applies to Brian, who has absolutely no genuine interest in
> > topic.
> >
> I wasn't aware of Cacti_etc. It's not mentionned anywhere. Someone told me
> about it the day after I sent the proposal and I put it in the
> list for the 2nd RFD.

If you were indeed a genuine Cactophile, you would have already been aware
of Cacti_etc. A google search would turn it up and it is prominently listed
in the Cactus Mall.

Like I said, you should have asked BEFORE you made your proposal.

> > Cacti_etc is an easily accessible mailing list and includes caudiciforms
> > (fat plants) in the discussion. If you are a genuine Cactophile, you
> > be a subscriber. Its the best way to be up-to-date in what's going on in
> > world of succulent plants and its absolutely free.
> >
> >
> > >
> I don't see why the creation of rec.gardens.cacti would be a threat to
> Cacti_etc or any other well established group or mailing list. Are you the
> owner of Cacti_etc ?

No I am not the owner of Cacti_etc. Do your home work.

> BTW, what is your name Cereoid ?
> I've never seen your name written.
> Are you afraid we might identify you ?

If you were a member of any of the Cactus & succulent forums or groups, you
would already know who I am. I have been a frequent contributor to many of
them for a number of years. I have even posted many article on succulents
plants also. Do your home work.

> Bruno (Psycho Cactus)

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