newsgroup for cacti?

Cereoid* cereoid at
Tue Nov 6 15:34:34 EST 2001

And you are?

What is your interest in this topic?

Just another pontificating non-cactophile!

I already know that Usenet is not email list or yahoo groups. My point was
that Bruno (Psycho Cactus) is not a subscriber to any existing group already

"The "should have asked"  bothers me some." My point was that he should have
asked about what is already available not whether he should post on usenet.

Contrary to what you are trying to insinuate there is a whole lot more going
on over the internet than just usenet.

<bard at> wrote in message news:3BE82F36.22E9 at
> Cereoid* wrote:
> <posted and mailed>  Mail in part because NSP is having problems and
> post might not appear at all or soon.
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> > Psycho Cactus <brunoplamondon at> wrote in message
> > news:3BE82473.73B6F988 at
> > > Cereoid* wrote:
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> <snip>
> > > >
> > > Where did you get that ? Where have you been. I've been contributing
> > over a
> > > year in rec.gardens.cacti helping people.
> > >
> >
> > I have never seen the names Bruno, Psycho Cactus or your e-mail address
> > brunoplamondon at in any of the cactus and succulent plant forums
> > groups. You are but a neophyte.
> Usenet is not email list or yahoo groups.
> >
> > Didn't you say that there is no rec.gardens.cacti or any other succulent
> > plant related newsgroup? Isn't that the point of this whole debate?
> well you see there is a rec.gardens.cacto group that the proponent reads
> and has access to.  The problem is that it is a bogus group so that only
> some NSPs carry it.
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> >
> > Like I said, you should have asked BEFORE you made your proposal.
> There is no reason to ask non Usenet groups for Usenet traffic.  The
> more contacts discovered, the greater chance of a voter turn out.   The
> "should have asked"  bothers me some.  A proponent does not need to ask
> permission to post an RFD or for that matter ask permission of posting
> what lists allowed to be listed.   Sometimes during discussions of an
> RFD more resouces can be discovered and contacted.
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