while we are on the subject of cacti

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Tue Nov 6 15:57:58 EST 2001

OK, it has been a while since I collected cacti.... I don't think I
have any of the few references that I had at one time.

What are the common and scientific names of the primitive, leafy,
shrub form cacti, not uncommon in yards in South America? I'm talking
about a true member of the cactus family, not a euphorb. Also a spiny
plant with deciduous leaves; not a leaf-like epiphytic cactus. (damn,
can't remember any of those names anymore)

At one time I had a small specimen. I would like to get something like
this to put in my south-facing window at work here in sunny Atlanta,
Georgia (full sun most of the day on the windowsill). Would this be a
good idea for or not, due to photoperiod, etc.?

Just looking for something unique for my window. One of a couple
candidates I'm thinking of right now.

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